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Thick wall preform mould

Thick wall preform mould (5 gallon preform mould)
Thick wall preform mould also named 5 gallon preform moulds are mainly designed for the water
dispenser and water cooler. Nowadays the PET 5 gallon bottles are getting more popular comparing the
PC bottles due the lower investment, rich in the color, free of BFA.
At MEGA, we provide the hot runner system which special designed for the thick wall preforms, that
guarantees the less welding line of the preforms during the injection process. The thread plates are slide by
the cam roller system, helps the operator save the time on the maintenance. If adding the robot post
cooling system with our thick wall preform molding system, the cycle time can be reduced significantly.

MEGA the professional thick wall Preform mould, 5 gallon preform mould maker and tool designer in China.


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