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Preform Moulds

20 cavity preform mould for the preform with 42mm neck, is designed for the 5L bottles, the mold has unbalanced hot runner system with shut off valve gate, ensure there is no any stringing form on the injection gate of the performs. The cam roller design help the operator save the maintenance time of the molds. The PET preform mold is designed for MEGA's injection molding system. The weight of the preforms is 92g, Cycle time is 50 Sec with general PET screw injection molding machine.

PET Preform Mould Specification
Mould name 20 cavity preform mould for 42mm Neck 92g Preform
Mould cavity 20 cavity
Neck finish 42mm Neck finish
Preform weight 92g
Insert materials 2316 stain steel from German
Mould body #50 steel material
Cycle time 50 sec with general PET screw type of injection molding machine
Cycle time with two stage injection system and Post cooling system Not available
Hot runner design Balanced Hot runner with valve gate system
Suitable injection molding machines Husky, Netstal PET line, PET Master, General PET injection molding machine
20 Cavity preform mold (42mm Neck 92g)
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